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Love’s Gents

My males are available for breeding to outside females under the following conditions: testing cleared by IDEXX or Penn Hip for hips and elbows, Eye Diplomate cleared for the eyes and all DNA up to date testing cleared along with copper toxicosis. I am in Montana and Oregon/California regions throughout the year, please reach out to me to schedule.

  • Great stunning looks
  • Great color
  • Superior hunting abilities
  • Great personalities
  • Easy to train offspring
  • All around good manners at home with family



  • Hitchin’ A Ride On The Love Train ‘Hitch’
  • AKC #SS04794802
  • DOB: 3/30/2018
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Weight – 70 Lbs
  • Eyes – Clear
  • Hips-Pennhip Clear
  • Elbows IDEXX-Clear
  • DNA Cleared By Parentage-HPNK, SD2, DM, PRA, RDOSD, EIC, CNM And D Locus
  • Copper Toxicosis-7a-7b-Clear
  • Heart-Annual

Hitch’s Story:

Hitch is an old soul. No need to train, he already knows. Very kind, very birdy and passes this onto his puppies. Another quiet easy going male to have around.

Champions in lineage:

FC AFC Cuda’s Blue Ryder, NAFC FC AFC Texas Troubador, NFC FC AFC Candlewood’s SomethingRoyal, NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, 5xGMPR HRCH Advantage of Hershey, GMPR GMHRCH Rockerin Medicine Beau MH (HOF)

Offspring size as adults: Females 52-65 lbs Males 60-75 lbs

Offspring color: Chocolate


  • Torch’ Love’s Come On’ Baby Light My Fire
  • AKC #SS02990201
  • DOB Nov 2018
  • Weight 70 Lbs
  • English/American Field
  • Pointer
  • Hips-IDEXX Clear 
  • Elbows-IDEXX Clear No OA
  • Patella-IDEXX Clear No OA
  • Eyes-Cleared 
  • Copper Toxicosis-7a-7b Clear
  • Full DNA Panel By PPG Including Stargardt-Clear

Torch’s Story:

Torch is short in stature but full of muscle. He is a quiet one. Extreme on birds and great inside the home. I adore my Torch. I love what he puts into his offspring, the face, his looks, the drive to the bird, the ease to train, the natural abilities. If I were still competing, he would be an easy one to get MH on. I will film him on birds soon.

Champions on lineage:

4xGMPR Brody Points For You, 4xGMPR HRCH Fraquelli’s Sauble River Gator, 4xGMPR HRCH Black Forest’s Bear Grits MH (APLA HOF), GMPR Grits of Black Forest (APLA HOF).

Offspring size as adults: Females 52-62 Males 60-70 lbs

Offspring color: Dark Fox Red


  • Love’s Outlaw Jesse James ‘JJ’
  • AKC#SS19580808
  • Color: Fox Red
  • Weight 80 Lbs
  • American Field
  • Hips IDEXX-Clear
  • Elbows IDEXX-Clear
  • Eyes-Clear

Jesse’s Story:

Jesse James ‘JJ’ is a muscle bound masculine sweet boy. Very sweet n kind, birdy and a complete joy to be around. I am retired from competitions but I am training JJ on retrieving birds clean delivery and will soon film him, so adopters can see him on birds.

Champions in lineage:

FC AFC Duck Buster’s Red Baron, HRK’s Rooster Smasher of TGK MH, Torg’s Chip Off The Old Stoney ‘Rocky’ MH.

Offspring size as adult: Females 55-65 lbs Males 65 -80 lbs

Offspring color: Dark Fox Red


  • SHR Love’s Super Archangel Michael
  • AKC #SR98092701
  • Color-Yellow
  • American Field/English/British
  • Eyes-Clear
  • Hips-Penn Hip Excellent/Above Average
  • Elbows-IDEXX-Clear
  • EIC: Clear
  • CNM: Clear


  • PRA: Clear
  • RD/OSD: Clear
  • Copper Toxicosis 7a – 7b – Clear

Mikey’s Story:

Mikey is out of my perfect girl, Angel. Mikey is an extreme on birds, easy to train and a super sweetheart. Achieved his SR at HRC competition 2019. Too bad I am not competing again as he would be a star out there. He is soon to be neutered and retired at age 7. He then joins the indoor retired crew and is on his own bed inside the house.

Champions in lineage:

NFC NAFC Candlewood’s Super Tanker, FC NAFC Cotton Pick’n Cropper, CNFC CNAFC Waldorf’s High Tech, Paddington October Red Storm SH.

Offspring size as adults: Females 55-65 lbs Males 60-80 lbs

Offspring color: Yellow


  • OFA Elbow: LR-EL99670M25-VPI Normal
  • CNM-Clear
  • EIC- LR-EIC08/75F-VPI-CAR Carrier
  • PRA-Clear
  • CNM-Clear
  • DLocus-Clear


  • Chief – Owner-Stefan Mehalovich
  • AKC #SS07652203
  • UKC #R298-262
  • DOB 9/9/2018
  • Color: BLK
  • Weight 75 Lbs
  • American Field
  • Coat Genotype: Black – No Hidden Color – EEBB
  • OFA Hips: LR-251140G25M-VPI Good
  • Eye CERF/CAER: LR-EYE20323/23M-VPI Normal

Retired Gents:



Gage’s Story:

Gage is a dream. Been the nicest stud boy to work with for 7 yrs and then was neutered March 2022. I always received compliments in his looks, his stature and shape of head. On top of that he is a regular nice guy and never alpha. He achieved his JH and a few legs Seniors with AKC but then I retired from competing. I loved what he put into his offspring and so did the adopters. Very birdy. He sleeps in my bed when not outside having fun.

Champions in lineage:

FC AFC Cuda’s Blue Ryder, FC AFC Land Ahoy, 3xNFC Candlewood’s Tank A Lot (HOF), 2xNAFC 2xCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, FC AFC CFC Candlewood’s MS MB Kate, CNFC CNAFC Waldorf’s High Tech.

Offspring size as adults: Females 52-65 Males 60-75 lbs

Offspring color: Chocolate and Black

Gents Legends:


  • RIP Love’s Dr. Einstein Master Hunter
  • DOB 3/22/2021

12 years ago I so chose to keep Einstein out of an accidental litter, neutered and competed with for 7 yrs. He was my guy, my pet, never made a dime on him, slept next to me in bed as my body pillow next to me, my protector, my protector of the home and everyone liked him.

He was a talent in the field on birds. Never missed a mark and lined all and very one of his blinds. Just for giggles and to show the Judges at comps I had control of him I would give him a sit whistle right at the bird (after he ran or swam a straight line), he held steady, looked down at the bird, up at me, back down at the bird and then looked back at

me…whistle, grab the bird and cruise in….until he decided one day enough is enough I am going to hold onto the bird and not give it up. Competing then was over. It was ok…..he had his MH title at age 3, I wasn’t breeding with him and he became my sidekick to train young dogs with for retrieves and steady work.

I started my business training Labs and breedings 12 yrs ago. Am I a wreck he is gone? You betcha. I will miss him terribly so each and everyday til I see him in Heaven. Speaking of Heaven, Ginger his sister has been waiting for him. They were best of friends growing up together, always together, one waiting for the other.

11:30 AM, he left me but at 11:31 AM he was back in his prime running along with his sister Ginger and his Mom, Grace.

Einstein a month ago started coughing and an elevated temp. Did an x-ray and saw one of his fatty tumors on his side had grown into his lung and there was a tumor. He was coughing up blood. After a month, he had lost 15 pounds, spitting up blood from time to time, anemic and temp went away.

I did bucket list for him this week: swimming after a few bumpers a day and a few frozen pigeons and then finally gave him a live bird and let him do what he had desired to do for his entire life….squish it, eat it and swallow it. It made his life worthwhile being able to do this. And best part, I let him and he did it right in front of me.

Einstein was a tall big boy, not along the lines of my usual style of breeding but didn’t matter…..he went out and retrieved and both he and I had fun. I’ve been dreading today taking him and letting him go but I needed to be his best friend today and to let him go. He was with me in the beginning and throughout many adventures and travels and to a quiet last 2 years in NE Oregon living a quiet and peaceful life. I’m numb right now realizing he is gone, unable to answer how long the numbing will last.He was a kind and fun boy. He was my boy and will forever be my pet I chose to have 12 yrs ago and not a dime made on him. RIP Love’s Dr. Einstein Master Hunter. I will see you on the other side. Until then I will miss you and think of you each and everyday.



  • LEVI’ Sunnyview’s Honcho Levis MH
  • AKC #SR44193304
  • DOB 07/26/2007
  • DOD 11/4/2020
  • Color:
  • Weight 85 Lbs
  • American Field
  • Copper Toxicosis 7a – 7b – Clear
  • Eyes-LR-EYE6393/91M-PI Clear
  • CDDY – Cleared/Negative
  • IVDD – Cleared/Negative

Levi’s Story:

Levi was my man. If he had been human, I would have married him. Big chested, great coat and gorgeous. An extreme on birds, brilliant minded and very clever. Unfortunately, he broke his right ankle at age one year. It was rebuilt with a rod in it and after a year of recovery and therapy I ran him in his first Master level test, and he smoked it! The gallery was on their feet cheering. He swung his right leg out a bit when he ran, never showing any discomfort but that didn’t get him off course as he ran in a straight line naturally for the retrieve. A true talent. He and I went to the Master Nationals 2014 and then he retired. Slept in my bed and played outside. He is as well another one of my kids that succumbed to the mold in the home I was in, he died at age 13 and half on Nov 3, 2020. Both Angel and I were never the same after that night. When he died, he sang out his last note like he does in his bday song. So, he sang his last song to me and then was gone. Lord, I miss him. He kept me strong. RIP Levi. I know you and Angel are up in Heaven snuggling and playing together. See you soon my friend.


Natural, 2 days to Force Fetch train, he passes his uncanny straight marking abilities to his get, runs long straight lines til he gets to his prize, easy to train. Young age to have major injury and surgery on his right front wrist, after recovery he achieved his MH. He qualified for the Master Nationals 2014. Retired to competing and enjoying quiety of life.

Champions in lineage:

NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho, FC NAFC MD’s Cotton Pick’N Cropper, CNFC CNAFC Waldorf’s High Tech, NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker.


Ely’s Story:

Ely was one of the best-looking creatures ever seen. Muscles from one end to the other. A true sweetheart. Quiet mild-mannered boy. He was only 5 when I lost him as well to the mold in the attic in the home. I didn’t know for 2 years what was making the dogs and I sick. I didn’t get out of the house soon enough and also lost Ely. RIP Ely. You got cheated. I hope Heaven finds you there still gorgeous and playing with the rest of the Love Labrador Angel Family. I miss you each and every day.

Champions in lineage:

NFC FC AFC San Joaquin Honcho, FC NAFC MD’s Cotton Pick’N Cropper, CNFC CNAFC Waldorf’s High Tech, NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker, FC AFC Yellowstone’s TNT Explosion, 1989 CNFC 1990 CNAFC FC AFC The Marathon Man HOF.